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Elisabeth Damkiær


In my work on painting, I alternate between two different fields of work: One is the love of the expressionist tradition, where it is the color and textur that occupy me in the work of oil or acrylic paint on canvas.

The second is a completely different meditative and Eastern inspired field. An interest I have taken home with me from traveling in Japan and China. Here I am concerned with capturing the light and the moment with very simple materials: Liquid black ink, water and paper.

In the series 'Swan pictures' for instance, I play with the  the motif 'the white swan', the white paper, the light, the darkness and the movement - the flow through the painting which turns it from passive wallpaper to a dynamic extension of the viewer's psyche.

The pictures must necessarily be painted quickly, almost within the same move and breath. It requires concentration, but in a relaxed way, which I experience as a flow or so to speak almost like a form of meditation.

I wish the paintings will create serenity or joy.


Educated painter at the Jutland Academy of Fine Arts (1985) and works with painting on canvas, watercolor and liquid ink on paper.

Exhibitions: Artists' Summer Exhibition artists' Autumn Exhibition and various galleries

Member of IAA International Association of Art

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